Monday, November 9


....I read Maisie Dobbs a few weeks ago, and tho' it
interested me enough to finish it to the end, in the end,
I was not won over. How disappointing. I just didn't
believe in her or some of her actions. And the writing
didn't move or delight me. So I will not be putting the
rest of the series on hold at the library, but will soon
try another book on the list of possibilities.

In the meantime, I did glean these two two-somes
from my reading...

small hours


bed socks

The first is just so evocative and comforting, somehow.
And the second sparks my curiosity, for what, exactly,
are "bed socks"? I do often wear socks to bed in the cold
weather, but they are just everyday socks that I also wear
out of bed (and usually toe-off sometime in the night!).
Were bed socks kept specifically for that purpose and,
perhaps, thicker than socks one would wear with shoes?
Did women not really wear socks in the days of mostly
dresses? Mysterious...but a comforting twosome, as well.

1 comment:

  1. Greetings from England!
    Bed socks are cuddly-type socks, always soft and often cashmere or fluffly wool, worn in bed, yes, but also for relaxing during the evening.
    And remember Sinatra's 'wee small hours of the morning'? They're the early hours: say, 1am-3pm.
    so now you know!
    I do hope you're feeling better. Treat yourself to some cosy bedsocks,eh?!
    Take care