Thursday, October 15


It is becoming a theme that I haven't much time for reading, but it remains sadly true. The last time I curled up with a book was on the train home from my art retreat in New Hampshire-Sept. 22! But on that peaceful train ride I spent a few hours with Julia Child, reading her book My Life in France-a perfectly delightful read.

Here are some of the words and passages that brought me pleasure or recognition...

p. 24

"We sat outside, on wicker seats, munching our croissants and watching the morning sun illuminate the chimney pots."

p. 32

"Yet she glistened like an old hand-polished copper fire-hood. It gave me great pleasure to see someone as fully mature and mellow but also as lively and aglow as she was. Madam Perrier became the model for how I wanted to look in my dotage." (Me, too.)

p. 33

"...and stored them in an empty room upstairs that we named the oubliette (forgettery)."

p. 104

"frigorification" (referring to her very cold apartment during a Paris winter)

....and that is all for the moment. I still have more than half the book to read, but am plunged into the making of things for shows and for the imminent re-opening of my online shop, and immersing myself in a book hasn't been happening-but I am every hopeful!


  1. Oh, do finish it! It is a lovely book. I loved reading your comments. You have such a wonderful way of looking at things. So different then I do. It makes me want to go back and re-read my copy. Thank you.

  2. Leslie, I, too, took a train trip earlier this month across the northern U. S. I read "An American Childhood" by Annie Dillard. Have you read it? You will find many phrases in it to note. i.e. "...Some days I felt an urgent responsibility to each change of light ouside the sunporch windows...who would remember any of it, any of this our time..somebody had to do it or the whole show would be in vain...that is was impossible never entered my reckoning..."
    Now I vow to read Julia Child's book. I ordered from your shop today and am so pleased with what you have offered and am looking forward to seeing more of your talent.

  3. A friend just gave me the Julia Childs book and I love it. Some books, like a good meal, are best slow and savored. Enjoy.