Monday, May 24


It has been a long time since I last posted here.....a few months of mostly reading
non-fiction to help me along my way with my mother. I have read a few very pleasant novels over March and April, but no lines or words begged to be captured here, so all has remained quiet.

But a few days ago, a rainy day I do believe, I was filled with an overwhelming urge to read
a good story. I didn't have any from the library and it was late at night, so I was in our temporary bedroom (my eldest son's-who is away at college). The bookshelves lining one wall are, therefore, filled with children's books....from picture books to Star Wars novels....all the years of his reading. My eyes were drawn to the top shelf and the little yellow spine of a book I bought to read myself many years ago, but that my sons also enjoyed.

Wise Child by Monica Furlong, has been the perfect companion for me over the past few days. Within its pages I found so much to share, mostly at The Bower, for the passages I marked are thought-provoking and perfect for musing upon. But one line I marked just because it made me smile with its beauty and perfection.

"It was very quiet in the wood, and the bright light of the sky filtered through the leaves and made patterns on the forest floor. We moved, slowly, silently as if the quiet of the place put a finger on our lips."

I hope it will not be so silent here in the months to come.