Saturday, June 12

sound fruit

I am under the weather today, just a little touch of something, leaving just enough energy after hanging out the wash to choose a D.E. Stevenson novel from the book basket and retire to the couch. If you ever want and easy and interesting read, full of wholesome things like fresh-baked scones and country holidays and gentle romance, do find anything by D.E. Stevenson.

I am reading _Bel Lamington_ and took myself to the computer to share this interesting thought:

"It was surprising to find that Louise was so capable for Bel had always thought her a butterfly-she had seemed a butterfly at school-but Bel had a theory that people don't change, they merely develop. Who would think that the lovely fragile blossom upon an apple-tree would develop into apples? It was almost incredible when you thought about it-but so it was. The germ of the apple was there from the very beginning...and the same with Louise who had been fragile fairy-like blossom and was now sound fruit, sweet and juicy."

At Louise and Bel's age, I would have only wanted to be the "fairy-like blossom"...but at fifty-one, I am deeply happy to be "sound fruit-sweet and juicy".