Friday, September 4

"live in ink"

Posts have been scarce here, as scarce as the moments I have spent reading novels this past month.

Most all of my reading time has been spent with books of a practical nature as I research various interests and endeavors....and tho' much of it has been helpful, it has not been exactly beautiful or noteworthy.

But I came across this in an old Williamsburg engagement calendar. It comes from a poem anonymously contributed to the Virginia Gazette in the mid 1700's in praise of the editor of the paper who had opened a paper mill.

"The Substances of what we think,
Tho' born in Thought, must live in Ink."

This will be the "motto" of the planner I am designing....for I have learned too late that

"Whilst willing Mem'ry lends her Aid,
She finds herself by Time betray'd"

Let us remember to give our valuable thoughts a chance to "live in ink" or, atleast, the virtual
ink of blog and web.