Thursday, March 24

Folly by Laurie King


by Laurie King

Folly turned out to be neither scary nor depressing....just wonderfully engrossing and satisfying.
I learned so much from it....about depression and mental illness and inner strength. It was rather profound for me, actually, for the symptoms that Rae described in the book at times-hearing voices, images of too-large things in her mind-brought back a time in my life that I had actually forgotten about. A time when I would hear voices now and then and see those too-large things in my was a period of twenty years or so and was only very occasional, but disturbing and meaningful, none-the-less.
I am just grateful that those experiences faded away as my life and marriage grew deeper and stronger.
I was lucky.

 A very worthwhile read...weeks later I can still feel myself on that earthy island in the San Juans
off the coast of Washington State....still see all the things that Rae crafted with her skillful hands and the
wonderful characters that peopled the book....

 I will return here soon with my thoughts on the Dorothy Wordsworth book.
It has rather consumed me the past few weeks.