Monday, February 21

February's armful

One of the pleasures of town days each week are the small armfuls of books I gather and bring home from the library. I usually bring home more than I can actually get to....but it is inspiring and comforting to have them nearby. Sometimes the chosen books are concrete evidence of the wispy seedlings of ideas or interests that pass through my mind. If the books are near to hand when the time comes to explore a little further, it is worth all the choosing and carrying home, you know?

This is actually two armfuls from the last two weeks, and I have only looked at three or four thus far. I have been putting off starting the Laurie King, as might be scary and/or depressing. But it is Laurie King, and the heroine is just my age and the story may be very worthwhile, so tonight I began it and will give it a go. 

I think I am rambling and it is time for bed, so I will leave with thanks to Julie for the Flavia recommendation. The first book of the series is checked out of the library, but it sounds wonderful and I will add it to my next armful just as soon as possible.


  1. I forget if I asked this before, if I did, please forgive me...but have you ever read Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin? I do think you would enjoy it.

  2. What a lovely grouping of books! Hmmm...Both of 'The Healing Garden' and 'The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth' look like three I need to check out. It looks like you are ready for Spring, just like me. I was down with flu for the week and just finished watching most of the Hercule Poirot DVD's and Miss Marple with Joan Hixson. "Oh to be in England...."

  3. Reading is making new friends. Delightful.

    I'm going to the local library tomorrow!