Wednesday, September 29


I thought I would continue the "g" theme, tho' there was actually no calculation involved in doing so. Laurie King's writing has simply sent me to the computer again to record:

When he first saw our conjuring and magic, Bindra was apprehensive, but once he had witnessed the similar reaction of the rustics, he immediately took on the garments of sophistication and scorned to gape, other than secretly.

"took on the garments of sophistication"

So pleasing.

I am rather timid in saying this (as a homeschooling mother), but I have never been very good at remembering what various literary devices are called (or grammar either, for that matter). But I do know what I love, what speaks to me, what "conjures" up evocative images in my mind as I read certain words strung together...and Laurie King seems to string words together in ways that make me very happy.

One day I will move on to another author, but I am still intrigued by Mary and Holmes, and their adventures are especially satisfying on these rainy days we are enjoying. A log fire and a scalding cup of tea would make for perfection.


  1. Rainy days there...wah............. ;) Just kidding...needed to whine for a moment!

  2. Oh to be reading of Mary and Holmes for the first time! What a wonderful series! After you finish this series, try the Elizabeth Peters "Amelia Peabody" series...the best! It is also historical mystery fiction and I think now about 13 favorite series ever!

    Today I was celebrating with my dear friend Elaine at her birthday. I gave her a "bundle" of Christmas goodies I got from you last year. She was thrilled and said she has enjoyed exchanging letters with you. She is so lovely and I am so glad you are visiting together.

    Happy Autumn to you and yours,
    Franklin, TN