Saturday, August 21


"A brief hour's tramp through wet woods brought us to the village of Lydford, nestled along a river at the very edge of the moor's rising slopes. There we succumbed to the temptations of the flesh and spent a glorious thirty minutes in front of an inn's blazing fireplace, drinking coffee and steaming our boots."

-Laurie King

Tho' I had only just reclined upon my sofa and begun the first paragraph of Chapter Four in The Moor by Laurie R. King....I made myself go to the computer to place those few sentences into my word nest....because they capture some of what I have so been enjoying in the reading of the Mary Russell series (I am on book four with many more to go-thank goodness!). The wonderful detail, the intelligence, the utterly satisfying and lovely writing that leads you on and on, the fascinating cases and settings, the intriguing relationship between Mary and Holmes....I highly recommend them.

And I thank whoever it was that recommended them to me (Barry? One of my readers at the Bower when I asked for ideas for a good read?).

They are making for delightful reading this Summer and will take me contentedly into the Autumn.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Another book suggestion. :) I so enjoyed reading Joan Anderson that you mentioned. She came along at just the right time.

    And have read a couple of the Mary Russell's, but not the one of Laurie R. King that you're talking about. Will definitely see if 'The Moor' is at out libraries here. You might want to check out mysteries by Charles Todd. I think I read 'The Red Door' first. So good.