Friday, June 12


I am reading A Son of Hagar by Hall Caine. I bought if for a dollar at our library, because I liked the cover, which is brownish and has an Arts and Craftsy look to it.
I began it about six weeks ago and found it very melodramatic-enough to make me roll my eyes at times. But it is set in Cumbria, so I have perservered with it.

Tonight I came across this line...

"Without pity, without remorse, with a will that was relentless and a heart that never knew ruth..."

Gosh! My whole life knowing the word "ruthless", but never stopping to think that if there is a ruthless, of course there must be a ruth (a feeling of pity, distress or grief). Wonderful.

Also this...

"He rolled over, face to the wall, and began to pay nasal tribute to sleep." : )

And this...

"Greta's heart beat high that night. Her spirit was full of a new alacrity. Every inch of the way, as they flew over the busy streets, seemed to awake in her soul some fresh sensibility."

I love the two words, but also that Mr. Caine has described a rare but glorious mood so evocatively.

Dawn is coming here, with the birds singing in the dark outside my door. I hope that I may soon find sleep, tho' without the 'nasal tribute'.

Good night!


  1. This commonplace e-book is a wonderful idea! I am enchanted by it and by the lovely first post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I love your first post and am looking forward to seeing more. I just recently found out what a 'commonplace book' though I have had one forever. I am looking forward to reading more.
    Gwyn P.

  3. I like it! I have also enjoyed catching up on your blog! It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.